AA Degree in English

Associate of Arts for Transfer in English

(Pending Chancellor’s Approval)

The purpose of the Associate in Arts Transfer Degree in English is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge in English which satisfactorily prepares them for transfer to the CSU/UC system for further study towards a baccalaureate degree in English or a related field. The student will develop knowledge which will enable her to understand, evaluate, and apply writing, research and analysis skills. Students who complete the TMC in English prior to transfer will be prepared for upper division coursework in the major.

Career Opportunities in English

English majors typically use writing, research and analysis skills in all career fields and professions.

Total: 51 units

Required Core Courses

1 or 2 courses depending on option selected

Option 1

ENGL 125 Critical Thinking & Composition 3


ENGL 121 Reading & Composition 2 3

Option 2

ENGL 123 Critical Thinking About

Literature 3

Options 1 and 2: Choose two courses (a minimum of 6 units)

from List A:

ENGL 215 Survey of American

Literature 1 3

ENGL 216 Survey of American

Literature 2 3

ENGL 213 Survey of British

Literature 1 3

ENGL 214 Survey British Literature 2 3

If Option 1 selected for core: Choose one course

(minimum 3 units) from List B.

ENGL 200 Introduction to Creative Writing 1 3

ENGL 201 Introduction to Creative Writing 2 3

ENGL 202 Introduction to Creative Writing 3 3

ENGL 220 Shakespeare: Introduction 3

ENGL 223 The Bible as Literature 3

Options 1 and 2: Choose one course (a minimum of 3 units) from List C:

Any course from Lists A or B not used above.

Any CSU transferable English course.

Any language course other than English which is

articulated to fulfill CSU GE Area C.

Any CSU transferable literature course offered in

another department.

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